Thankful Quiver

It's Thanksgiving week and I wanted to create a little something for the older kiddos to participate in gratitude practices.  Everyone seems to do a "Thankful Tree" or the "Thankful Feathers on the Turkey butt" - I wanted something a little cooler.  I owe this idea to my husband but I think it's pretty fantastic.

Introducing, the Thankful Quiver - fill your quiver with arrows of gratitude and only shoot thankful thoughts at friends and family this Holiday season :-P 


Fun fact - the top feathers of an arrow are called the Fletching and in our little activity wrote the things we are grateful for on the Fletchings and attached them to small wooden dowels (found at Hobby Lobby but the size should also work for regular kebab sticks found at the grocery store) along with the arrowheads. 

We did two different things with our Quivers so you're welcome to get creative with it! One option is to cut out the Quiver from the paper and attach it to another paper using tape or glue to create a little pocket for your arrows.

Another option is to cut out the Quiver and trace it twice on construction paper or cardstock, cut out the two and staple them together. Punch a hole in the top corner of your Quiver and add some string to hang it on the wall.  Feel free to print out more Fletchings and add more gratitude arrows throughout the week! 

I've included a free PDF printable for you ! Enjoy! And if you make a Thankful Quiver please tag @Lostboyssupplyco in your posts and stories! Happy Thanksgiving! 

 Thankful Quiver PDF

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